Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer 2012

Hey everyone, sorry we haven't updated the blog in so long, the Anderson's been working hard on the farm. One of the major improvements is the painting of the barn! We are pretty happy with the results and we hope that you are too! 

I love how the red provides and gorgeous back drop, can't wait everyone's pics with the new color. Here's a few I took while I was there.

The bare trees have filled out with their summer leaves, fresh and green with plenty of walnuts and shade!

And we added a new kids tent to the prop stop.

And the Vintage mustard chair is back.

We also played with some of the other props while we were there, the croquet set, red chair, vintage truck and red adirondack chair.

There's so many beautiful things happening there, book your next session today!! Please remember the farm is closed on Sundays.

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