Tuesday, December 13, 2011

winter is here...

Just wanted to post some pics I took today of the walnut trees, they're truly beautiful anytime of the year. Although I love their leaves, I think the bare branches are also very picturesque.

Oh and we were surprised with these little munchkins... too much cuteness. I think there were five of them, all running around looking oh so adorable! All ready to go home for someone's Christmas present! This one in particular liked to pose! But hurry they will won't be there long... and no I didn't take one home!

I also wanted to highlight some of the farm equipment that is always at the farm in various locations. Here are three tractors yellow, orange, and green:

I also added some new pictures of recent additions to the prop stop, this adorable vintage chair courtesy of Brie Coleman! Thank you! I think it went perfect with my little man. And this resident cat who loves to come pose in my pictures...

And this vintage wooden crate that's perfect for little people who aren't able to sit up alone or walk yet.

And lastly, I had to take the mustard chair to be stored away for the winter, but it will be back in the Spring. The Andersons have some big plans for the barn next year, we hope to have to prop stop properly closed in so that we will be able to better protect the props from the weather. This and a lot more that they are still working out, but I'll keep you updated! Thanks for stopping by!